Scorpion Helmets – Is That The Best Choice For You?

It is really a great experience to ride at high speeds with the wind hitting your hair. But most of us don’t realize the risks involved. An injury to your head can use a concussion or may be even fatal. That is the reason helmets are a must these days. They may be a bit expensive but they are worth every penny. After all, nothing is more important than your health and well-being.

When purchasing a helmet don’t just look for cheap ones that are not DOT approved. Remember by compromising on helmets you will be compromising on your own safety. One of the best helmets available in the market is Scorpion helmets.

The company makes Scorpion helmets themselves. They do not subcontract or outsource to manufacture their products. This shows that they do not compromise with quality.

Here we will describe the process in detail.

Though Scorpion helmets are made in China, the inspection and quality control is performed in the US. These helmets are long lasting. Throughout the entire manufacturing process there is careful monitoring and controlling. That is why these helmets stand out from the rest.

The helmets are made to withstand all the damage and not break during a collision. Scorpion uses fiberglass or Kevlar matrix shells to make its helmets. The inner lining material is of high quality and absorbs moisture due to sweat. Owing to the incorporated ventilation systems, fresh air can flow freely. This helps to keep you fresh and comfortable in long journeys.

Compared to others, Scorpion Helmets are heavier but this ensures more safety. They also fit perfectly on your head. It helps to block all the unnecessary noise and allows you to hear sounds like the honk of vehicles. Their main focus is to provide bike rides top quality products at affordable prices. They have their own factory in China, thus they can control the manufacturing process, that includes polycarbonate and fiberglass/Kevlar shell molding, liner making and sewing as well as assembly and shipping. This allows them to provide high quality helmets and gear without much increase in price.

A Scorpion helmet is strong and durable. Having a helmet designed and created by the leading helmet manufacturers, you can feel safe while riding on the road. Scorpion helmets are DOT certified, meaning it has passed a number of tests by the Department of Transportation. So when choosing a helmet it is very important to check for the DOT certification.

The price of Scorpion helmets range from 100 to 300 dollars, Scrorpion Exo is around 100 dollars while Exo 900 or 1000 is around 300 dollars. Compared to other brand helmets, the price is less. So if you like to buy a good helmet without spending a lot, you should consider a Scorpion helmet.

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There are many advantages of Scorpion helmets over other ones.

  • High quality material.
  • Best design.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Highest safety standard.
  • Strong and durable

The Feature

1. Design

Scorpion helmets have a cool look. Most of them have nice graphics, so you will look great when riding through the streets.

2. Faceshield

Another feature is the always clear no fog faceshield. It is not that they won’t get fogged at all, but it will be much less so can see properly while riding. You can replace the faceshield with a dark glass during the daytime and with a clear glass during the night. You can change the faceshield very quickly, only in 10 seconds!

The faceshield of snow helmets have special features like the heating system and dual pane shield. The heating system allows you to connect your helmet to the snowmobile and warm up the faceshield, that can prevent fogging. The dual pane makes use of a double-layered shield. Fogging happens when one side of the shield is cold while the other side is warm. The dual pane system allows a layer of air between the warm and cold shield so fogging can be avoided.

3. Ventilation

Scorption full face helmets have ventilation systems. The amount you like can be adjusted easily. So in places where there are big differences in temperature you can still ride comfortably.

4. Interior

The liner and cheek pads absorb moisture due to sweat, making it easy for you to breathe. You can also remove these and wash them. So you don’t need to worry about bad odors from the helmets.

5. Special features

Some Scorpion helmets have air adjustable cheek pads, with the help of air inflation system. If the cheek pads become loose after wearing for years, you can use the inflation system and make it fit properly again. Tight cheek pads can lessen noise level riding riding at high speed. You will find this feature in Exo 1000, 900, 750 and 500.

The Exo 900 have Transformer ability. It is a flip-face helmet which can be transformed to an open-face one. You can transform it by replacing the flip-face module with a visor. This is handy if you like to switch between cruiser bike riding and sport bike riding.

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