Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Today’s modern technology on helmets enable riders to have absolute protection with style. There is a wonderful variety of designs and styles of helmets for you to choose from even if you are looking for open face motorcycle helmet. Your options of helmets are now diversisty and you can choose from open face, full face, flip up, off road and others.

When you pick your choice of helmet, you need to consider your safety, the fitting, the coverage, the interior features, the communication capacities and others before you buy the helmet. It’s hard to choose a helmet without even seeing some of the options you have, especially if you want something like open face helmet in particular.
open face helmetSome people prefer full face while others prefer open face helmets. The full head ones are necessary only in case your motorcycle is big or when you drive at a high speed. But that doesn’t mean that full face helmets are safer than open face ones. They are not only safer, but they are also cooler and can be taken on and off easily by the rider. There are important features that you need to look for when you buy an open face type of helmet.

This helmet also be well tested and highly certified, though you will never know if a helmet has passed the standards, which is known as the USDOT which is responsible for the minimum levels of presentment a helmet must meet. There must be a DOT sticker in every helmet you look for. The materials and the safety of the helmet is also essential more than the design. The materials should be the best in the market to boost the comfort and the performance as well.

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Here is the helmet that i’m really interested in:

Bell Rogue Helmet

bell rogue helmet reviewSome people say that they look like Darth Vader with it on. Bell Rogue Helmet has intrigued me at the first look. The polyurethane-molded muzzle, according to the manufacturer, is there to protect the rider’s face from elements, which it does, but honestly, its primary function is to make this helmet look cool.

The muzzle has air vents, and fleece lining on the inside which can be easily adjusted to any rider’s face. However, this bell’s muzzle may not fit at all, but the fitting works perfectly on your head. The inner liner can be removed and washed, it’s held in place by four snaps. You can remove the ear pads the same way, and there are also pockets for your speakers, which is great if you tend rely on communicate systems. Its price is about $250 with 5 years warranty. (Check current price at Amazon)

The Bell Rogue Helmet is a good choice for both quality and looks.

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