Review for HJC CL-16 Helmet

Review Summary:

HJC CL-16 helmet is one of the inexpensive types of helmets available in the market these days that passed the DOT safety standards. It is comfortable to use and it’s not so heavy. It is also packed with appropriate level of visibility and you can easily remove its face shield too. It will surely be a big hit to the public, since it will just cost a normal price to own one.

The HJC CL-16 helmet is available in solid colors, it is made with innovative polycarbonate complex shell, and it is light in weight and fits adequately to the user’s head. It offers absolute comfort with its innovative CAD technology. It has an aerodynamic shell that was shaped to lessen the turbulence while you are on the road.

It is impact absorbing, multi-density EPS liner ACS innovative channeling ventilation system along with scoop top takes vent mixed with rear exit exhausts to deliver you with the ventilation flow through to help in pulling the heat and the moisture up and out of the interior of the helmet.

There is a chin bar intake vent that gives airflow across the shield interior thus helping eradicate shield fogging. The side chin bar venture exhaust vents are there to lessen the heat and the humidity. There is also a SpeedCool system for you to be able to remove and wash the interior lining of the helmet. There is also a moisture wick system and odor free internal with anti-bacterial fabric.

You can also be sure that your cheeks will not suffer, because there are multi-layered cheek pads that will help in improving the fit and the comfort as well. The HJC CL-16 helmet is somehow unique from its counterparts, because it has a pinlock prepared shield that is equipped with anti-scratch covering and RapidFire shield replacement system to protect you. It also has an optical correct, 3D design face shield that offers 95% protection from the UV rays. The RapidFire defense replacement thus allows you for a safeguard installation.


The HJC CL-16 helmet is very good for its overall quality that includes the comfort and fit, along with the face shield.


The airflow system is quite poor and it should be fine-tuned. It doesn’t seem to work efficiently. This helmet contains better chin strap and these chin strap pads are sewn to the strap itself, so you can be sure that they will be in place while you are on the road.


The HJC CL-16 helmet is truly an affordable type of helmet with just few disadvantages. You can now be safe while on the road in less than $100 and stay protected with the Pinlock system along with 3 years warranty. It has a comfortable liner and fit and it is also made with an average level of visibility with its nice face shield & removal system.

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