Review of the GMax GM54S Helmet

gmax helmet reviewThe advantages of a full face motorcycle helmet are numerous, but the truth is that oftentimes, half helmets are picked for so many reasons that may include the truth that they are less annoying when worn and they are also light in weight, more so they are not as costly as their colleagues.

The features

The GM54S half highlights its premium venting system that lessens the heat on your head. It has a comfort liner, shell & styro that are specially designed for maximum ventilation without lessening the integrity and the quality of the helmet. It is also made with premium fit for a maximum comfort. It was made with premium soft materials that are used for the padded chin strap covering. The shell and the premium styro are DOT approved. Always make sure that the chin strap up is properly secure for security warnings.


The modular type of helmet is what all bikers are looking for, thus extreme sports lovers and those who are into scooters are so happy to have found GM54S helmet. In terms of price, value, comfort, spacious interior, ventilation, sun visor, rear LED light and quietness, GMax GM54S is just the right one for you. It has the capacity to lessen the noise. The noise levels are much better than the most of the modular. It’s just that the whistling vent issue that is mentioned just so you can easily deal with it.



The buttons that is responsible in activating the LED light & change the model situated beneath the light is a small & impartially level with the helmet shell. You will go through a challenging task of pushing the button, most especially if you are wearing your gloves. Even if the light bar is very bright for optimum visibility, there is no tangible feedback to help the riders know if the lights are on or off or in whatever mode it is currently in. With all the said features visible in this helmet, this brand may be very heavy than other types of modular designed helmets. It is also quite bigger compared to the standard size meant for helmets. If you will come along other reviews, you will come see that most of the users share a common sentiment and that is the fit to their head.


Though there is no one to really get similar features of helmet within the price of G-Max GM54S , this offers you the best value for your money when compared to other brand and type of helmet in the market. There are just few things that made it fall under good helmet and not in the excellent category.


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