Full Figured Women’s Biker Clothing

Many people perceive the motorcycle community as a place commonly dominated by men. The only picture that comes to mind is men being men and women sitting right behind them. However, it’s fortunate that this kind of culture is without doubt slowly becoming something of the past. Motorcycle events and communities are increasingly becoming more inclusive and diverse compared to previous years.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t any progress that should be made. When it comes to motorcycle gear, most women have fewer alternatives to choose from than their male counterparts. TheRideAdvice.com has a blog post on the sad state of women’s motorcycle gear, and men have more gear options than women by a factor close to the ration 3:1.

Additionally, getting gear with the right fit is quite tricky, especially for the full-figured women’s biker clothing.

Bikers originally began wearing leather since it offers more protection in case of a spill. They, however, were not the original users of the fabric. Native American’s used to wear leather as merely a matter of practice since it was warm, practical and durable. Also, it was quite protective of things that cause abrasion, bruises, and cuts. Old-fashioned cowboys also wore some leather vests and chaps for protection from underbrush dangers.

Today’s bikers wear leather for the same purpose as well. For instance, leather gloves and chaps are usually pretty standard amongst bikers that Harley’s are the only mode of transportation.  It wasn’t very easy to access full-figured women’s biker clothing. You will also come across several leather jackets with embroidered patches among biker groups travelling in cold weather.

However, for the gender imbalances and lack of selection in the motorcycle gear industry, there are still great alternatives for all women regardless of their size. To substantiate this claim, here are some of the top-quality motorcycle gears for full-figured women in the market currently.

Best Motorcycle Jacket for Plus Size Women

Best Motorcycle Jacket for Plus Size Women

When it comes to full-figured women’s biker clothing, Harley-Davidson offers an exquisite collection, and this includes the riding jackets. Nothing proves it more than the Women’s Rally runner 3-in-1 leather jacket.

The Rally runner women’s jacket comes in plus sizes 1W, 2W, and 3W. It’s made with original cowhide leather and does feature body armour at the pockets and elbows, the padding on the shoulders, and more. The jacket can be worn over your best sports bra for large chests.

Best Plus Size Women’s Motorcycle Helmet

Best Plus Size Women's Motorcycle Helmet

Whether the women are operating the motorcycle or riding as passengers, they need to wear a face helmet.

Full-figured women don’t necessarily have bigger heads compared to women with petite frames. However, helmet sizing is quite different from the ones used by men. Unfortunately, many sellers have a woefully limited selection of motorcycle helmets for women.

Thankfully, this case is different altogether when it comes to Cycle Gear. Cycle Gear offers a wide range selection of more than 280 motorcycle helmets for women, in different styles, colours, and sizes. Every woman is bound to get something that suits her since they have a lot to choose from.

Best Motor Cycle Jeans for Plus Size Women

Best Motor Cycle Jeans for Plus Size Women

For a long time now, plus size women riders have had to deal with men’s jeans. The jeans technically fit but aren’t cut for optimal comfort and style. Fortunately, Gravitate Jeans does offer motorcycle jeans for plus size women as well in the form of Black Hills jeans in black and blue.

Gravitate jeans features a patented comfort panel which minimizes irritating gathering, tugging, and pulling on the thighs, legs, and seat. You realize many other types of jeans have these annoying characteristics. This jeans can be worn together with the best front closure bras with no underwire.

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