Cleaning Your Motorcycle Helmet

If you ride frequently then some odors can develop on the inside of your helmet Some people will say they don’t mind it, but if you want to keep your helmet clean and odor free you should wash it from time to time. This can help to bring back it’s original look and give an opportunity to check it and make sure everything is working properly.

How to clean the outside

To clean the outer part of your helmet so that it looks like new again you will need to fill up your kitchen sink with soapy water, several micro fibre cloth, a soft toothbrush.


If there are lots of insects on the visor and the helmet’s outer layer dip paper kitchen towel into warm water and lay it on the helmet. Let it soak for a few minutes, then remove it. This can help to get the road dirt and dead bugs off the helmet without the need to scrub and avoid any damage or scratch to the paint or visor.

Remove the external parts such as visor and use a moist, lathered micro fiber cloth to wipe the whole helmet. Wipe gently, don’t rub hard as it can scratch the finish. For very difficult areas like the visor’s mounting points, use a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt and stain.

Helmet Surface

After this, take another microfiber cloth, soak it in lukewarm water and wipe over the whole helmet. In just a few minutes your helmet will look much better.

Detach the visor and wash it separately. You can follow the same process but be gently while rubbing as you may scratch it. For tough stains you can soak the visor in warm lathered water for several minutes, then wipe it with cloth. For drying the helmet put back all the parts that were taken off and keep it in a airy area. To dry quickly you should never use any heat source, you can only use fan.

If the helmet has a shiny finish you may wax and polish it, however check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the finish you apply is suitable for the outer layer. Wax should not be used on matt-finished helmet.

The whole cleaning process may be completed in 15 to 20 minutes and drying could take several hours. Your helmet may not look brand new but it will surely be much cleaner and free from odors.

How to clean the inside

When cleaning the inside of your helmet you will have two types of liners, removable and non-removable. It is easy to work with removable liners. Just pull it out with the cheek pads. They are kept in position with pop studs and a quick pull can bring them out.

You can wash it by hand in your kitchen sink adding a gentle cleaner. You may use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. . The residue remaining after rinsing will not harm your skin or degrade the material or Velcro. This is important if you wash regularly. After washing rinse well and hang out to dry.

Another option which is easier, is to place the liners in your washing machine. Put them in a net washing bag and use delicate cycle, maximum 30 degrees and wash them with normal laundry detergent. Don’t put the liners in the dryer or apply heat as it can affect the material and make them shrink. The liners should not be placed back in the helmet until they are completely dry.

You will find EPS impact liners under the removable liners. These form the inner covering of the helmet and helps to absorb energy during impact. You cannot remove these, just use a damp cloth to gently wipe it clean.

If the linings are non-removable you have to clean in a different way. Detach all parts like the visor and parts which can be easily removed.

Fill a bucket with warm water and gentle cleaner. Again, you may use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Stir up the water until it becomes foamy. Carry the helmet and bucket to your shower. To get the outer dirt off rinse the helmet under warm water in the shower, then put it into the bucket. Leave it for several minutes so it gets soaked, then turn it upside down.

Rub the lathered water into the liner. While doing this be gentle yet firm. In a few minutes you will see lot of dirt coming out of the liner. After the liner is cleaned, rinse it in warm water under the shower and make sure all the soap is washed away.

Place the helmet in a well ventilated area and dry it naturally. Never use a hairdryer to quicken the process as it can damage your helmet. However, you can use a fan to dry it fast.

Here is the video to help you more:
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