Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women

Nowadays, women riders are becoming more popular. The motorcycle world now welcomes women with open arms as their sector continuously grows in numbers. In fact, in May they have marked the 2nd year of dedicated celebration of ladies on motorcycles. There was even a time when the industry gave women a passing through, but nowadays it changed a lot. picture showing the best motorcycle helmet for women
Most of the rider’s tools and accessories turned revolutionized in terms of styles, colors, fit and comfort as well. For ladies who are into motorcycle riding, this could not have come very soon.

More than the novelty styles of clothes for women riders, manufacturers are now investing into riding gears for ladies more than ever, of course the helmets are also included in the list. Instead of buying a unisex type of helmets, there are some that are especially made for women and there are still models that are yet to come. Helmets for men may go as big as 4XL, but the new types motorcycle helmets for women are much smaller.

Regardless of the color and the style that you want, ladies would like to always express themselves and helmets are not exempted. There are helmets with butterflies, flowers, pink and purple colors that add indication of one’s personality. Motorcycle helmets for women are not just for self-expression, but they are also made to secure the safety of women riders these days. It is just a sign that these helmets can now be easily bought at your local motorcycle gear shop. No one will go wrong with the size, style and color of helmets for women these days. With the availability of these specially made helmets for women, any member of the family can wear it without permission.

Our recommeded for women helmets:

IV2 Gloss Pink Fullface

iv2 gloss pink helmetFinding the right type of motorcycle helmet is quite hard, especially if you are seeking for a precise style, design and color within the price that you can afford. One of the most essential things you need to make sure of is that the motorcycle helmet must be DOT approved.

A DOT approved helmets were tested and they were able to meet the standards for protection in different aspects of impact absorbing, retention system, penetration resistant, especially designed to keep the helmet intact in case of an accident.

IV2 is really into motorcycle helmets for years and they really offer affordable prices for their helmets. This is 1 of the reasons why people look at their products, because they know they can absolutely find one that will fit into their budget and needs at the same time.

The safety

IV2 Gloss Japanese style helmet is a full face helmet that is approved by the DOT. It has a streamline design that will lessen the noise. It also has a well-ventilated system that will provide you with enough air flow. It has an EPS impact absorption inner liner and it is also light in weight with ABS composite shell. It has a removable and washable cheek pads, sweat absorbing inner liner, stainless steel dual D rings strap, brand new retail box, DOT certified back graphic and quick release visor mechanism as well.

The criteria that you should have in your list is the safety that the helmet can provide you. IV2 Gloss Japanese style helmet was tested and certified by the DOT, aside from the DOT approval, it is also tested for real life quality assurance. DOT certified and non-removable seal of guarantee graphics can also be found at the back of the helmet. This is specially designed to meet the safety standards to provide retention, impact protection and penetration protection to lessen the possibility of the rider to be injured or to totally prevent injury from happening in case of collision.

The comfort and fitting

Comfort and fitting must come along together and these 2 important factors should always be hand in hand. Just like other IV2 helmets in the market, IV2 Gloss Pink Japanese Style helmet offers you enough snug fit that provides retention, especially when you speed off during a long ride and to make the ride more comfortable too. Its advanced thermoplastic shell technology makes it possible for the helmet to have a lightweight protection. It also has an interior that was designed for absolute comfort, highlighting the cutting edge with full ventilation system with adjustable multiple air intake along with exhaust ports for sufficient airflow & improved temperature directive as well. There are inner liners that are moisture absorbing, hypo allergenic and they are also washable to keep you feeling dry and good while on the road even on a long ride.

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 IV2 Matte White Pink Butterfly Helmet

IV2 Matte White Pink Butterfly HelmetA full face motorcycle helmet is not just perfect for absolute protection, but it is also stylish and sleek in terms of designs. They are very much known for being inexpensive, since the level of protection they give with the smoothness and modern construction and sturdiness are incomparable. These kinds of helmets are usually made up of Aluminum. Manufacturers rarely use another type of material to construct this type of device.

Any size of face will surely fit into this type of full face helmet, since the oval shape provides added room for the device. To be able to prevent vision impairment related problems, an optically right pre-formed face shield is just an added protection to the feature. The drivers will also be able to enjoy lesser vision distortion and UV ray protection at the same time.

These are the reasons why full face motorcycle helmets are so famous. They can also provide the best way to s­­olve the fogging problem that happens when you breathe while you drive, but of course, this cannot be prevented, since breathing is a part of life. But fogging problems should be solved with the type of helmet that you will buy, because it can go bad in a certain environmental case. A lot of helmet manufacturers know this so they have added a de-mist lock face tab that when you push it forward, the shield will open up slightly to give space for the air to pass by. This will clear the fog, so you can see clearly your way.

The Features

IV2 Butterfly Matte Finish is a type of full face motorcycle helmet that is approved by the DOT. It is packed with features like streamline design that lessens the wind noise, so there won’t be any distraction while you are driving. It is also equipped with EPS impact absorption inner liner. It is also light in weight with its ABS composite shell. It was made with detachable and washable cheek pads with sweat absorbing inner liner as well. It has a stainless steel dual D rings strap, brand new in retail box and DOT certified that you cannot remove at the back. It also has a quick release visor mechanism.

Its shield is mostly made of shell fiberglass. Most manufactures use this material, because it is light in weight and it will not cause strain on your back. It can also cause less tension, which means you can be on the road for hours without suffering from tension. Whatever the type of motorcycle helmet you want, at the end of the day you still need to consider your comfort more than the price of the helmet and the brand. IV2 butterfly matte finish offers you comfort and style at the same time and what’s best of all you can choose the right size that is meant for you, since they have a sizing chart that you can use to check if the size that you have picked fits you well.

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