Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Helmet

There is nothing more important for a motorcycle rider than to have the best motorcycle helmet to protect your head from injuries. Good thing these days there helmets for cyclists and motorcycle users are widely available and they are also very effective than they were in the past. You can choose from various designs and styles that fit into your needs. The option is just surprising for riders who are seeking for a suitable one like those suited for full face, off road, open face and others.

Even if you have chosen the perfect one, there are still other things that you need to consider to ensure your safety like the safety ratings, the helmet retention, the coverage, fitting, interior features and others. You have to always keep in mind that these should be your personal choice, what may be effective for others might not be the best for you. People vary in measurements, needs and requirements. As you read on, you will discover some of the finest motorcycle helmets.

My Recommended Motorcycle Helmets Comparison

Top 4 Best Motorcycle Helmets Overall

1. GMax GM54S

gmax helmet reviewThe GMAX helmet enables the user to flip jaw. The more you rotate the flip jaw, the more you will achieve boosted line of sight, especially in a raised position. It can also help in lessening the fatigue by keeping the distribution of weight even through the helmet.

This GMAX GM54S Modular Helmet has an inward flip lens with sun tint, inward flip shield that can be easily raised and bend, open clear single lens shield, multi-function red LED rearmost light and uncompelled rear brake light set as well. It was also made with light weight DOT thermoplastic alloy shell and there is a shield sea that will lessen the air noise.

GMAX DEVS on the other hand can be adjusted with dual exhaust vent system at the top, sides, rear venting thus lessens the fog & sweating by enabling the hot air to pass by the mouth and at the upper part of the head. Rider’s vision is good with a big eye port.

You will surely appreciate its superior ear pockets, better communication systems with built-in speaker pockets, soft padded straps for the chin, soft helmet bag and shell with excellent clear coat surface. You can read my fully review about GMax GM54S here.

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2. Shoei Rf1100

SHOEI now introduces its RF-1100 helmet model. It was built to provide high quality protection to the users. It has been a successful type of helmet since 2003, but that doesn’t just stop there. The manufacturer of the said model made brand new models and designs from scratch, thus combining new technology with the requests and needs of their customers made them come up with the newest in the market. They are truly capable of it, since they have been in the helmet business for more than 50 years now.
shoei rf11100 helmet review Their SHOEI absolutely delivers a lavish type of helmet that anyone would want to buy, which makes it among well-known motorcycle helmet manufacturersSHOEI RF-1100 Black XLG was built with aerodynamic properties that are maximized with the use of wind tunnel and feedbacks from the riders themselves. Its highly durable fiber materials were used along with elastic organic fibers to come up with the shell that is absolutely light in weight yet durable and very impressive.

There are 5 shell sizes & 6 EPS liner configurations that are available there to make sure that the fitting option of the rider will be met according to head sizes. The manufacturer has also made a 3rd Gen. Tail fin that can also be integrated to the bottom rear beading along with the shell integrated spoiler to enable a smooth flow of the air to lessen the lift. This is better known as QRSA and this is meant for tool less face shield removal & installation too. This works every time the shield is bent, the spring loaded base plate just pulls the shield back to make the bending even. This will helps by making sure that the wind and waterproof seal are intact in the helmet.

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3. Bell Vortex

bell vortex helmet reviewThere is nothing better than a solid color to emphasize the classy design of the helmet. You can buy this Bell Vortex model in glossy black, matte black, silver & white. These classic colors were developed through Bell”s state of the art technology in Sta. Cruz, California, which is their design center. You can use it daily to occasionally.

Bell Vortex Matte Black was made with a speed flow air circulation system with flow adjustment features that will boost the strength & temperature regulator with lesser sound & buffering. There is an alloy that is composed of a lightweight composite polycarbonate alloy shell it was made with cheek pads that are well contoured. The interior is detachable & washable sterile & anti-microbial as well. It was made with a padded wind choker to lessen wind and the road noise.

There is also a speaker with pockets for audio speakers. It is packed with a click release system for better and faster tool free swaps. Its anti-fog, anti-scratch & UV shields are present too. Its dark tint will also help you see the road clearly even at noon time without troubles. It is also covered with a 5 year warranty. The price is just adequate for its packaging and it also gives worth to your money. You will be able to have a lightweight helmet that you can use daily. In a lot of times you can find similar functionalities on helmets ranging from $300 to $500. Some users say that it is quite heavy and a little bit noisy as well, but in overall, The Bell Vortex helmet’s price makes it a best choice for riders nowadays.

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4. HJC Helmets CS-R2

hcj helmet review

HJC helmets have been the principal of the motorcycle industry for around forty years. They have combined specialized innovative ideas, years of experience in manufacturing and affordable pricing to come up with successful helmets in the global market. With the widest options of helmets from mid to high range prices, they have also expanded the choices of their customers with the launch of the HJC CS-R2 helmet which was made with composite shell with advanced polycarbonate. It is light in weight and it has an excellent fit that is comfortable to use with the advancement of CAD technology.

It has a sleek shell with big eye port for better road visibility as well. It has a modern ventilation hat contains adjustable vents for the chin and forehead, 2 rear exhaust vents and chin bar that helps in diminishing shield fogging. The interior is excellent with plush nylex that can be removed and washed.

The HJC helmet also has an anti-fog shield, anti-scratch, hard coating, 3D design and 95% UV radiation blockage system too. Overall, it is a good head protection and its sleek design is worthy of its price. But in some case, the wind levers to control intake do not really work well, according to some users they are somehow disappointed with it along with the chin strap that is not a snap buckle. But it is a threaded buckle that makes it somehow painful to use, since it takes longer and you cannot do it when your riding gloves are on.

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Things to consider when buying best motorcycle helmet

If you are still undecided about the type of helmet to buy, well, there are few things that you have to keep in mind, so you will not be mistaken:

1. Certified and tested

You must looking for highly certified & well tested brand of helmet. Your safety should always be on top of the list hen looking for a helmet. There should be a DOT sticker on the helmet, which means the criteria of the USDOT has been met. Remember that the helmet will save your life, you shouldn’t buy a substandard brand.

 2. Design and Materials

Second to consider is the design & the materials used by the manufacturer. Maximizing comfort and performance is also important for riders. There is nothing better than having a high quality outer material, which will be the first line of defense of the rider in case of an accident. The aerodynamic types can help in lessening the lift while dragging the speeds.

3. Face shield

The face shield should also qualify for the standard requirements. The vision of the rider should be clear enough to prevent distortion, especially in places prone to fog. Those with high quality visor can help with their anti-fog coating.

4. Ventilation

The helmets that having enough ventilation is also important. While you are on the road, there may be toxic fumes that may get in your way through the helmet, having a helmet with the effective vent system is so essential during this time. The air may flow accordingly around the head to lessen the impact in case of toxic fumes and it can also lessen or increase the airflow.

5. Fit

Lastly, your helmet should fit you well. Having too tight helmet will make you uncomfortable. When you use it, it should stay on your head even while you are moving. It shouldn’t be removed once strapped to keep you protected and comfortable during the ride.


At the end of the day, you as a rider will still decide on the brand and the type of helmet that you will buy. It’s still up to you to choose which brand is better or you and fits your head and your budget too. It’s just that after learning your choices of helmets in the market, you will not have a hard time finding the best motorcycle helmet that you have been looking for.

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