What Are The Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands?

A motorcycle helmet is the type of equipment that you need to wear to protect your head when riding a motorcycle. In the US, the motorcycle helmet legislation mandates the people to wear a helmet, even if some states do not strictly enforce this rule. If you will observe, some states that do not mandate their people to wear helmets have a higher number of head accident injuries than the states that implements strict helmet law. Wearing the best motorcycle helmet brands can absolutely prevent various kinds of head injuries and fatal accidents as well.

Here are the top brands, click on a name below to jump on a particular brand:


or Amisano Gino Valenza is an Italian motorcycle helmet company made by Gino Amisano. It started in making leather seats and saddles in 1946. AGV K-3 is among the best in the market these days and it is among the top end of the AGV entry level range too. Youngsters will surely love using it. Do you know that this is the only full faced thermoplastic model in the AGV line, K-3 is just the best option for riders who are looking for safety and quality with appealing design at a lower price?

It is merely composed of thermoplastic shell, front chin, side air vents with air vent above that includes exhausting. Though, AGV offers a lot of designs and styles you can choose from, their k-3 and Horizon models are among the saleable ones. The AGV Horizon is a model that is mixed with the advantages of the AGV’s extensive racing R and with the comfort of features needed by the riders. It is among the most useful and handy helmet model available in the market today and it is the best option for riders who are looking for comfort, protection and suitability as well.


has been around for quite some time and this brand has been in existence in North America since 1990s. HJC is known for providing riders with the look of a high end helmet, but with an amount of a mid-range helmet. There is nothing to worry about, since they continuously release new helmet models meant for everyone.

The HJC CL-Max 2 is available in black color and it is ready for Bluetooth communication, though you will buy the Bluetooth separately. It is made up of a polycarbonate composite shell with chin bar. It’s light in weight and very comfortable too with the advancement of a CAD technology. It was made to protect the user from UV rays of around 95%.


is best for those who are looking for an open face type of motorcycle helmet. ARAI is the good choice if you are looking for a maximum stability and absolute safety at the same time during a ride. Its striking look, aerodynamic design that is made up of CLC or complex laminate construction shell fiberglass composite is very sturdy yet light in weight, thus it will enable you to have a lighter feel and very comfortable moving with the inner materials.


is an Italian helmet brand that was founded by Lander Nocchi in 1973. They have been in existence for years now to provide absolute protection for newbies and for their loyal patrons at the same time. The N- 104 motorcycle helmet is just another brand of flip up helmet launched in 2012. It came from the Nolan N series flip up helmets. Do you know that the N-104 series contains a definite and very high quality feel thus it will give you a helmet that is very solid in terms of tolerance. It also contains a very outstanding ventilation forward visibility that is out from the big front eye port and face shield. The fit is also excellent that makes it known as among the best in the market.


If you want a sturdy type of motorcycle helmet that will bring you to your final destination, then Shoei is just the right one for you. Their Shoei Qwest embodies whatever the rider wants to experience while on the ride. It has a revolutionary noise reduction system, it can unmatched comfort even in a long drive. It as an advanced ventilation performance system, lightweight, balanced fit and it has been making helmets for more than fifty years now. That means they absolutely know how to combine comfort and style during a ride. It was founded by Eitaro Kamata and they were the very first to have launched a helmet using a carbon fiber material. They are offering a 5 year warranty for every helmet.


Though Scorpion helmets are made in China, the inspection and quality control is performed in the US. These helmets are long lasting. Throughout the entire manufacturing process there is careful monitoring and controlling. That is why these helmets stand out from the rest.

The helmets are made to withstand all the damage and not break during a collision. Scorpion uses fiberglass or Kevlar matrix shells to make its helmets. The inner lining material is of high quality and absorbs moisture due to sweat. Owing to the incorporated ventilation systems, fresh air can flow freely. This helps to keep you fresh and comfortable in long journeys.



has provided motorcycle riders with absolute protection since 1954. They would like you to feel protected, so you can live up to the thrill of every competition. The company has been so dedicated in providing drivers the safest ride that is why they have provided great features at a very aggressive cost. It comes in an aerodynamic shell and the signature Click Release face shield system.

The qualifier helmet comes with a refined fit shape, lots of punch for the dollar with an aggressive style that is best for riders. Bell is known for its lightweight polycarb shell, washable and anti-bacterial interior, and aerodynamic design for better stability, easy to adjust the vent system for comfort and cooling, cheek pads for best fit, speaker pockets for audio speakers.


The VR4R carbon fiber helmet is truly beautiful. It is also very affordable compared to other brands in the market these days. Although the design is somehow compromising with the flimsy vent hardware, the company is addressing it now. KBC offers few helmets compared to other brands in the market and their newest is the VR4R, which they called the Race Wear helmet. It is not as expensive as the other brands in the market, so people can easily buy them.


was built through the expert’s innovative ideas. They are building it to meet the demands of riders these days. Their Duke Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet better known as the DK-120 free tinted visor was made to meet or to even exceed the demand of riders like you. It was made with an aerodynamic shell design from an advanced lightweight composite poly alloy material. The cheek pads and the liner are also easy to remove and easy to wash as well.

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