4 Tips To Find The Right Motorcycle Helmet

Many people do not consider helmets as essentials and often purchase them last, however they are a very important part of your motorcycle gear. State laws have made the wearing of motorcycle helmets mandatory. It can prevent serious injury in case of an accident. Helmets protect a rider from head injury that can be risky and even fatal. When moving at high speeds passengers are also asked to wear helmets.

Riding motorcycles can be a great way to travel. However, if proper safety measures are not taken it can be very risky. In the last 10 years motorbike deaths have increased by 127%. Even a low cost helmet can provide sufficient padding to protect your head during a collision.

Whether expensive or not, a good quality helmet should have certain features. The top rated helmets have expanded polystyrene foam lining inside.

1. The DOT Approved is important

The DOT standard- When purchasing a helmet you should check if it meets the standards set by the Department of Transportation. Look for the DOT symbol on the helmet. Inside the helmet you will find a label containing important information about the helmet like the manufacturer’s name, the model number, year, size, the material used to make it and some info about the company. The logo and label must be there.

Helmets need to be made from a strong polystyrene or Styrofoam layer that can protect the head during a collision. The thickness should be one inch and the weight around three pounds. The make should be simple with no embellishments like spikes that can injure your head. To hold the helmet in place it is also important to have chin straps with firm rivets.

2. Shield or Without Shield

Helmets that cover your entire face can be advantageous . The face shields protect you from dust, wind, rain, insects, debris that can hit your face. If you like to have helmets without shields, you can purchase a separate goggles to protect the eyes. Remember that windshields can’t offer sufficient protection.

While riding a motorcycle it is reasonable to wear to helmet. It lessens the wind resistance that can make you exhausted especially on long journeys. Big insects hitting on your face, or cigarette butts thrown from passing cars are just some of the things you can avoid wearing a helmet.

3. Size and Price

You will find motorbike helmets of all sizes and prices. Just because a helmet is costly doesn’t mean it will offer good protection. Customization and wonderful designs are often the reasons for high pricing. Some of the attractive helmets don’t have the necessary safety certification which assures a certain degree of protection during accidents. A good helmet is subject to various lab tests. It must be able to withstand the type of impact that occurs in typical accidents and the strap has to be strong enough to hold the helmet in place during impact. Testing. If you have to choose between several similar priced helmets it is worth to go for the ones with this sticker as that you could possibly save your life in an accident. They have expanded polystyrene inner lining that look somewhat like plastic. A helmet should be replaced if it gets hit by a hard object as it may have absorbed a lot of energy already and can’t offer protection during an accident. Riders often select helmets that match their personality. However helmets with intricate designs are often pricey.

Nowadays there are many good yet cheap motorcycle helmets available. Any helmet certified by the Department of transport has to meet a set of minimum safety standards. It has to offer enough protection from serious injury. Apart from protection, helmets offer many benefits to enhance the riding experience.

Talking with the local cops can easily convince a rider to wear a helmet. They have lot of experience responding to emergency calls involving motorcyclists. Often they will tell that it was not the fault of the motorcyclist but as he wasn’t wearing a helmet he got seriously injured. And no amount of insurance compensation can make up for lost lives.

4. Show Your Personality

Just because a helmet is a safety gear does not mean it can’t be stylish. It can be used to show your personality. There are helmets with wonderful illustrations on the outer shell. Illustrations can be custom made too.

It can be fun to ride a motorcycle on the open road. Though helmets were not given much importance earlier nowadays they are considered lifesavers. Whether a helmet is costly or cheap, make sure that it meets the safety standards so that you can enjoy your ride, worry-free.


Helmets protect your head from crash and concussion. There are many types of helmets available in the market but it is recommended to choose DOT motorcycle helmets that are amongst the best when considering safety.

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