3 Things To Look For When Purchasing Motorcycle Helmets

The motorcycle helmet is undoubtedly one of most essential gear for a rider, but it is up to you whether you wants to wear it or not. Most of the time people are attracted by the design of the helmet rather than the protection it can offer. When you are buying a helmet you should consider several things.

1. Shape of The Helmet

One of these is the shape of the helmet. It has to fit the rider’s head properly. Our head shape varies and that is why different helmet shapes are required. Nowadays helmets come in various shapes such as round, oval or egg shape.

2. Vision

Another thing to consider while buying a helmet is whether you have a clear vision. Usually helmets are made taking this into consideration but to be certain you need to wear them and check. This is not an issue with half helmets as the face remains uncovered but you surely need to verify this when buying a full face one.

When thinking about what color or colors you want for your helmet, keep in mind that it is better to have the brighter ones. The vehicles moving on the road are much bigger than the motorcycle so it is a way by which you can be more visible.

3. Type of Helmet

Nowadays you can get confused when purchasing a motorcycle helmet. There are many helmets available in the market and it can take some time to determine the right one. The helmets come is various sizes, shapes and colors. Also there are many manufacturers making them. Most riders choose a helmet that matches their bike color or their personality. That is one way to select. The helmet should be attractive to you so won’t mind putting it on while on the road. Some of the renowned makers of motorcycle helmets include AGV, Suomy, Icon, ZR, Nolan, Scorpion and Thor. There are a few types of helmets you can choose from.

One of these is half helmets. These helmets don’t cover your whole face, they cover just the top and side of the head and sometimes have a visor. Many of these also have a face shield that helps to keep bugs and debris away from the face. If you choose a half helmet without a shield you will need to buy goggles too. The cruiser crowd love half helmets. They also love skullcaps. As the name suggests this helmet covers the cap of the skull. It usually does not come with a visor. The American bike crowd love it as they are often decorated with a fancy paint job such as skulls, bullet holes, flames, old airplane design, iron crosses, etc. Skullcaps may be attractive but not very useful for protection. Most of the stylish ones are not approved by DOT and SNELL. If you want protection for your head you should consider a full face or at least a half face helmet. For cruiser riders it can be difficult to have a full face helmet on when your friends are not wearing almost nothing on the head.

It is recommended to put on a half helmet at least. If you have made up your mind to have a skull cap then choose one that is approved by DOT and Snell or by DOT at least. A cruiser rider likes the wind in his hair and to ride freely on the road. However, by covering the head he can feel safe.

Another type are Motocross helmets. They are designed particularly for using off road. They are like full face helmets without a visor or face shield. To protect your eye you need goggles. You can choose very nice ones from Thor.


Those who ride sport bikes like to wear full face motorcycle helmets. These days, sport bikes run at great speeds so it is important to have this type of helmet on for protection in case of an accident. It should also feel comfortable when you are show boding on the streets. If you search you will surely find one that suits your ride as well as your personality. Most full face helmets have a venting system that allows air in, a switch face shield that can quickly change from a clear shield to a tinted one. The price range of these helmets vary from $100 to $600 based on what you like, however for a few hundred you can buy one of your choice. The fit should be tight enough so that you cannot turn the helmet when you wear it. It should be comfortable as well.

Remember the last thing while selecting a motorcycle helmet. Pick a helmet that matches your taste and you would love to wear it. It should be approved by DOT and Snell. It should fit your head properly and you should feel comfortable having it on for hours.

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